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FREE Delivery - Hemp oil - nature's most balanced oil for human nutrition

OPTIMIZATION of the immune system, the essential fatty acids in hemp seed oil have been shown to promote healthy flora in the intestines and support immune system response and function

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Nature's most balanced oil for human nutrition

  • PRO - Hemp Oil Can Boost Your Immunity: Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids also improve immunity and regulate intestinal flora, thus building a natural barrier against microbes and increasing the resilience of the body.
  • PRO - Hemp Oil protects the health of the body during intense intellectual activities.
  • PRO - Helps Maintain a Hormonal Balance
  • PRO - Regenerates and Energizes The Skin's Protective Layer
  • PRO - Hemp Oil Helps Lower Cholesterol: The only vegetable oil to contain OPTIMAL RATIO omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (3:1), hemp oil can help lower cholesterol levels by accelerating metabolic processes. With a faster metabolism, fats burn at a quicker rate and are not deposited on the artery walls.
  • PRO - Hemp Oil helps regain a general state of well-being
  • CONS - People might be less accepting of hemp because it's associated with weed (however it has very low levels of THC so it cannot be used to get high)
  • PRO - Helps Prevent Demyelination Of Nervous System: Essential fatty acids are necessary for a healthy cell membrane structure. They also prevent the demyelination, the destruction of the myelin sheath (a membrane that protects the nerve cells).
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    Hemp Oil for Pain Relief, Anxiety, Sleep Mood, Stress Support & much more

    Biologique's balanced oil for human nutrition

    Hemp oil, obtained from hemp seeds through cold pressing, is a vegetal resource rich in fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 in an optimally balanced ratio (1:3), superior to fish oil (1:4-5), contributes to the enhancement and normalization of bodily functions. Natural, valuable foodstuff, rich in phytonutrients; -enhances the capacity to focus and memory, contributing to the maintainance of memory for all ages; -optimization of the immune system; -protects the health of the body during intense intellectual activities and helps regain a general state of well-being; -feeds and regenerates the subdermal layer of skin, leading to a healthy and smooth skin. Made in EU.

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